Opals are known for their beautiful play of colour that stems from the refraction of light within the stone.

Ethiopian Water Opals appear more translucent and jelly-like than the more well-known Australian opals.

Opals are the birthstone for October.

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Opals do require some extra care when wearing and storing. As they are porous, keep them away from detergents and alcohol, as these can discolour them. Avoid abrasion by never wearing them during sports or activities where they are likely to get knocked or come into contact with harder substances (e.g. granite, stainless steel etc). We would also recommend that you do not store opals in direct sunlight as both the light and the heat can affect them. However, as with other sensitive gemstones, with a little extra TLC you can wear and enjoy your opals for generations.It's also worth noting that Ethiopian Water Opals are often hydrophane, meaning they can absorb water. This can lead to a temporary change in the colour and clarity of the stone, until it dries out. For this reason you should keep your opal away from liquids which could be absorbed by the stone.