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Not to be confused with cubic zirconia, natural zircon comes in a variety of colours − many of which you will find in store. Its name derives from the Arabic word ’zargun’, meaning ’gold colour’, as many are a beautiful yellow colour.

Zircons are doubly refractive, which gives them a stunning brilliance and, indeed, colourless zircon has been used as a diamond simulant for generations.

Zircons can be sensitive to knocks and chemicals. We would always recommend removing a zircon ring when using a UV light (when using gel nail polish or sunbeds, for example) as it can alter the colour. However, it's worth noting that our on-site gemmologists can sometimes reverse this. Zircons are of medium hardness but can be brittle, so we recommend removing your zircon on occasions where it's likely to be knocked or scratched, for example doing sports, gardening or housework.

With regards to storing and cleaning, we recommend storing your zircon jewellery separately from other items of jewellery to avoid abrasion. Your zircon can be cleaned with a mild soapy solution and a soft brush.

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