Diamond Wristwear

Diamond bangles and bracelets are a great choice if you like to add a bit of sparkle to your outfit. Our extensive range features classic tennis bracelets, modern fancy link diamond bracelets and contemporary bangles, and we can design and create your perfect wristwear, too.

We don't recommend wearing diamond bracelets — or any other jewellery — while playing tennis, or any other sport. However, we understand that some of our customers don't like to take their jewellery off. That's why we add secure safety catches to all of our tennis bracelets (and gemstone bracelets)! This extra peace of mind lets you enjoy your jewellery fully.

We highly recommend removing wristwear at bedtime and when doing activities that are likely to cause knocks, abrasion or pulls. This will prolong the life of your wristwear, so you can enjoy wearing it for many years to come.

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2 of 2 Items